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The Isle of Arran is located one hour on the ferry from the Ayrshire coast, Scotland.

 There is so much on the Island for the visitor to enjoy, from hill walking, golf,
fishing, kayaking, and of course horse riding.

The villages are dotted along the coast, each with it's own unique charm  -  
favourites must include Corrie and Lochranza.

Cragged peaks in the North and rolling hills in the South have led Arran
 to be called Scotland in miniature

An abundance of wildlife is to be spotted   -   photos below.

If you like golf then you will be spoilt,
with the Island having no less than 7 courses!

The following photos will give you a taster for the
variety & beauty the Isle has to offer.

Isle of Arran, Scotland

Isle of Arran  -  Sleeping Warrior.

Isle of Arran

55 Minutes by ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick.

Brodick Bay, Isle of Arran

Brodick Bay with Goatfell.

Ferry, Isle of Arran

30 Minutes from Claonaig (Kintyre)  to Lochranza.

Holy Isle, Isle of Arran

Holy Isle   -   where the buddhists live!

Ailsa Craig, Scotland

Ailsa Craig as seen form the south end.

Ailsa Craig & Pladda

Ailsa Craig & Pladda with it's lighthouse.

Pladda, Isle of Arran

Pladda as seen from Kildonan.

Corrie, Isle of Arran

Corrie is a very picturesque village.

Lochranza, Isle of Arran

Lochranza at the north end.

Lochranza Castle, Isle of Arran

Lochranza Castle

Lochranza Castle, Isle of Arran

Catacol Glen, Isle of Arran

Catacol with the 12 Apostles (below).

Catacol, Isle of Arran

Catacol, Isle of Arran

Hill Walking, Isle of Arran

The hill walking is great!

Hill Walking, Isle of Arran

Lochan, Isle of Arran

Coire - an - Lochan

Loch Tanna, Isle of Arran

Loch Tanna

Dolphins, Isle of Arran

Dolphins spotted near Lochranza.

Stag, Isle of Arran

Deer can be seen in Lochranza.

Seals, Isle of Arran

Seals are a fairly common sight.

Holy Isle Goat

Goats can be found on Holy Isle.

Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran

Brodick Castle

Shiskine Golf Course, Isle of Arran

Shiskine Golf Course

Shiskine Golf, Isle of Arran

Machrie Bay Golf Course, Isle of Arran

Machrie Bay Golf Course

Isle of Arran

Views towards Kintyre from the west coast.

Isle of Arran

Sunset, Isle of Arran

Sunsets from the west coast.

Sunset, Isle of Arran